10 Countries Where Government Beg Their Citizens To Make Love

This might sound ridiculous, but do you know that there are countries where citizens are being begged by the government to have more se’x? Have a look at the se’x-starved nations. There are few things more important than fertility in determining a nation’s future viability. Demographers suggest that a country needs a fertility rate of just over two children per woman to hit “replacement fertility”, the rate at which new births fill the spaces left behind by deaths. But because of certain cultural and economic forces, only about half of the world’s 224 countries currently hit replacement fertility.

For those that dont, they encourage people or should I say their citizens to have se’x. Encouraging people to have se’x can involve strategies that range from highly explicit to downright bizarre.

Below are the list of countries;

1 – Romania

The 1960s in Romania were a perilous time for couples. Population growth flatlined, prompting the government to impose a 20% income tax for childless couples and to implement provisions that made divorce nearly impossible. The idea was: If you weren’t contributing to the communist state by creating future laborers, you had to contribute with dollars instead. The 1980s weren’t much better, however — women faced forced gynecological exams that were performed by “demographic command units” to ensure pregnancies went to term. When Romanian leadership changed in 1989, the brutal policy finally came crashing down. But at 1.31 children per woman, the fertility rate is still well below replacement.

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