10 Most Extreme Bodybuilders Of All Time

2) Greg Plitt

A long career of physical fitness was cut short when Greg Plitt tried to race a train and lost.

Greg Plitt graduated from West Point and served as a Ranger for five years before obtaining his personal training certification. With a list of successful clients in Los Angeles and a noteworthy body of his own, Plitt quickly made a name for himself in the industry.

He created the workout program MFT28 and scored some covers of notable fitness magazines, like Men’s Health, as well as some commercials. In 2008 he joined the show Work Out.

In 2015 Plitt wanted to show just how much energy he got from an energy drink he was marketing. His idea for testing this was to try and outrun a Metrolink train, which he decided to do right on the Metrolink tracks.

Unfortunately, for Greg, trains are very fast. It would be the last race he would ever run.

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