10 Most Extreme Bodybuilders Of All Time

3) Bertil Fox

Bertil Fox made up for average back and thighs with a massive upper body, but his temper is what got the best of him.

Fox’s nickname is “Brutal Bertil” because he dominated the bodybuilding world when he was competing. In fact, he has won practically every major bodybuilding competition.

With a career spanning from 1969 until 1994, he found great success as a professional bodybuilder. Although he grew up in England, he returned to his native St. Kitts in 1995 to open a gym after he retired.

All the years of increasing his strength did not have a positive effect on his attitude, though, and he was convicted of ending the lives of Leyoca Browne and her mother Violet Browne in 1997.

He was sentenced to life in prison where he will have plenty of time to do nothing but lift weights.

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