13 Pictures You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

2 – Incredibly Cool Grid Waves

Without the proper knowledge, you will most likely swear that this either the remains of Atlantis, or a trick achieved in Photoshop. In fact it is a natural phenomenon called cross sea, and it has a lot of chances to top your list of seen cool things.

We won’t go in too much technicalities, but this can be defined as two wave systems traveling at oblique angles. Sounds hard? Try imagining that you through a stone into a lake, and immediately after, another stone, somewhere nearby. The waves generated will eventually intersect under a certain angle.

The physics is similar, but a higher level, with winds playing the role of stones. The pattern is very dangerous for navigation as it creates unique combinations of actions on any sheep venturing in such waters. The photo was taken of French western coasts, near Ile de Re. The waters belong to the Atlantic Ocean.

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