13 Pictures You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

4 – Half ‘n Half Cat

This cute cat is completely two-toned in her face. Venus, the “Chimera” cat, is an Internet sensation, and that is all due her striking physical appearance. Basically, her face is split in two, and each of the part is colored differently. To add to all that, one of her eyes is blue, while the other green.

Although many claim this is impossible and that wither Photoshop either paint and color lenses were involved, the professional opinion confirms the phenomenon. Very rare, an accumulation of strange genes variation can lead to these strange results. There is a pretty good explanation why such genes are rare.

For a cat, which was no long ago a predator, such striking features make it easy for pray to defend itself. The stealth ability of the average cat is significantly reduced by fur colored in this way. With over 200,000 likes on Facebook and 165,000 followers on Instagram, Venus is true celebrity in the feline world.

5- Flamingos in the Shape Of A Flamingo

Nature never seizes to amaze us, and unless National Geographic is trolling us, then this picture is truly spectacular! Of course, you need some imagination to see it and call it a flamingo. I know a bunch of people able to see completely different.

The spectacular patterns of nature can act as a Rorschach test once compared to the patterns already existing in our minds. The moment was captured by Bobby Haas, a professional photographer, in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. The formation was spotted at the end of a 30 minutes photo session, and it lasted for only a couple of seconds, allowing only one shot to be taken.

This is definitely the equivalent of the holy grail in nature photography. The story can go on to describe how Bobby felt while taking the shot, but we will leave that for you to imagine.

6 – Curvy Roads

No this is not how Apple created their map, this is an actual picture of a road in Japan after an earthquake. Apparently the lanes were created one at a time, and the earth was compacted in a different way, which created the rift between the lanes.

The culprit was the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, one of the most violent seismic events from our recent history. It is quite common for powerful earthquakes to create land ruptures like the one captured in this shot. The crew on the road is probably on its way to measure the overall relative displacement, while coming up with a solution of rehabilitation.

Most probably, a lot of earthwork was required to bring the road back to functionality. We don’t doubt the Japanese were able to fully restore their infrastructure and even exploit the occasion to make it better.

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