13 Pictures You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

10 – A Man With A Hole In His Head

Although the strange photo might make some of you claim that Photoshop was involved in removing the eye and in putting the finger in that strange position, we can only say that is real. In fact, we even have a name, Billy Owen, for the man with this odd looking face.

A tumor forced the doctors to remove a part of his face, leaving a cavity where his right eye once was. When Billy removes his dental plate, he is able to pull out his index finger through the mouth and out the remaining cavity. This is definitely not a scene for the ones with a weak heart or with low tolerance towards disgusting things.

Billy is now entertaining people all around the world with his unique ability. Billy has embraced the circus and freakshow lifestyle and is at peace with being considered a weirdo. A medical condition was close to taking his life, and now he is a completely different person

11 Floating Sea Monster

Although you might be tempted to say so, no, this is not a picture from the Loch Ness. Even in the summer, those Scottish highlands don’t get so warm to allow people to wander shirtless and we all know that Nessie is camera shy. The explanation for this occurrence which clearly fascinated people is that the carcass of a whale was brought to shore.

The unusual shape and color is due to putrefaction, and beach administration will have a lot of dirty work for some weeks to come. Weighting a couple of good tons, the flesh was conserved by the sal in the sea water. Nevertheless, once exposed to the sun a couple of days, the smell will keep the beach free of people for at least a hundred yards radius.

The scene is far from the grace we usually associate with whales. Unfortunately, even the biggest creatures on this planet meet their death sooner than later.

12 – Pink river

This is Lake Retba in Senegal and is actually pink. Don’t be alarmed! This not caused by dying flamingos, as you might initially presume. The actual cause is the high concentration of salt in the water (Up to 40%) which created a high concentration of “dunaliella salina”, a salt eating bacteria, which turns pink.

The salt is harvested and sold locally. People can easily float on Lake Retba due to the high concentration of salt. If you want to visit this spectacular place, you should know that the color is more vivid during the dry season, between November and June. In the other half of the year, rain spoils the effect and you might be disappointed coming from far away to see this.

The lake is situated just a couple of meters away from the Atlantic Ocean, from which is separated by a narrow strip of dunes.

13 – Stairways to hell

While this might look like the entrance to hell it is actually an art decoration in a Swedish underground station. We are quite far from understanding what determined municipality to agree with such a design, but we all know that guys there in the north go a bit nuts with such little light in the winter.

We can appreciate the impact made by the red and black combination and its ability to convey a strong message. It is certainly refreshing going beyond that boring decoration metro stations all over the world are so keen in putting on display. We can agree that this photo looks great because the station is empty.

We would like to see the version where the station is overcrowded during rush hours. We personally think that seeing each day this scene while going to work and from work becomes a bit creepy.

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