15 Real Conjoined Twins And Their Stories

Conjoined twins have fascinated the human species since the very first. I dare say there is not a person living who wouldn’t at least take a second glance, if passing by a set of conjoined twins. They’ve been used as money makers in freak shows, circus acts, and vaudeville numbers all through history. They’ve been labelled both demons and angels.

But you know what the surprising thing to most people is? They’re actually just people. People with lives like you and me. And they try to get by, just the same. They surely have difficulties we will never have to face. But we don’t make it easier by gawking.

All the same, that’s sort of why you’re reading this article in the first place. But there’s more to it than that. Yeah, you’ll see some cool shots of conjoined twins. And you will be fascinated by them, for sure. It’s not something that you likely see everyday. But you’ll learn a thing or two about the tortured, or sometimes surprisingly normal lives these people have.

1. Abby And Brittany

Abby and Brittany are perhaps the most famous conjoined twins of today. Especially having been given their own T.V. show for a time. Though their shared body is actually fairly average sized, somehow they each have separate vital organs. Which is astonishing. It’s difficult to get around though, as each one controls their own side of the body. Walking must have been a pain to learn. But hey, they still manage to get out to the beach in the summer, so that’s just f*cking awesome. Hell, they can not only walk, but they can run, swim, and ride a bicycle! They even both have their driver’s licences. The test for which, they had to take twice. One controls everything on the left, the other everything on the right. They even play sports, and music. And they are both teachers who earn one salary together. Which hopefully changes since they can teach, and tell of students at the same time! That warrants a medal.

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