15 Real Conjoined Twins And Their Stories

14. Giacomo And Giovanni

When the Tocci twins were born, their father had a psychotic break, and was placed in an asylum for a month before he recovered and came home. So these two had a great start to their lives. Once their father got over that, he immediately toured them around as part of a freak show. Touring so much that the twins never learned to walk, and never were given the time to build enough muscle in their legs to support their bodies. They shared sexual organs, and a digestive system, but most everything else was doubled. Except of course for their legs. Speaking of which, each twin could only control one leg, and could not feel the other. Walking would have been a struggle to learn, for sure…had they ever been given then chance. There are many reports of what happened to these two, once they retired. But after 1897, there is nothing that can be proven. They lived as recluses for the most part.

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