15 Real Conjoined Twins And Their Stories

15. Chang And Eng

Chang and Eng have a pretty incredible story. To be fair, every story of conjoined twins is pretty incredible. Regardless, Chang and Eng are the reason why the term “Siamese Twins” exists. Born in Siam, these two men were basically sold into slavery in their teens, and toured around as freak shows. When they arrived in America, they were detested, and tested, and toured. These two were accused of inspiring pregnant women to have conjoined twins (because apparently pregnancy was based on imagination in 1829. But in spite of that, they managed to save money from the tours. They bought their own land, owned slaves, and met two sisters with whom they both had respective relationships, and marriages. Between the two of them, they had 21 children! They managed to live till 63, when they both died within hours of each other. Which must have been awful for the second brother to go.

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