15 Real Conjoined Twins And Their Stories

2. Anias And Jadan

Apparently 80% of the conjoined twins who are connected at the head die before they reach two years of age. Anias and Jadan were lucky then to go through the lengthy process of separation at 13 months old. It took over 16 hours to complete the surgery. The final surgery that is. There were several beforehand, in order to properly prepare the twins for that last, brain separating surgery. Only the 59th surgery of its kind since the early 50s, the doctors said that this was the most intense, and difficult surgery of its kind, that they had ever seen. It’s also pretty incredible that these two guys even made it to term. Most conjoined twins don’t survive birth to begin with. These guys are statistically two in millions. But once their mother heard their hearts beating at 17 weeks, there was no way she was going to give up on them.

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