15 Real Conjoined Twins And Their Stories

3. Shivanath And Shivram

In this photograph Shivanath and Shivram are twelve years old. And as you can see, they are conjoined by the abdomen. Their legs are behind them in this photograph. They share only two legs. But they have been able to accomplish so much together. Obviously they do everything together, but they aid each other very competently. They can walk, run, climb stairs, and they do it all on their own. Their father is of course concerned about their livelihood, and the way in which the public treats them. But the reaction has been surprising. There are those who think they are demons, but they have friends, and live as normal a life as they possibly can. They’ve been approached about getting a separation surgery, but it is very likely that only one will survive. And only one of them will have legs. The father, somehow shocking people, refuses to allow that to happen.

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