16 Unlucky Kids You Won’t Believe Really Exist (Photos)

We are so used to seeing normal happy children that we often overlook just how easy it is for things to go wrong.

The human body is far from being a machinery and nature often does a terrible job at following the blueprint. Extra or missing parts and all sorts of congenital disabilities can easily make the children on this list the most unlucky to ever have existed.

As you read their stories, you will experience a complex set of emotions. Not all of them have happy endings, and sometimes science sits aside hopeless. Miracles do exist, but they are often too expensive to afford.

All 17 cases shown here serve the same lesson. We should all praise health beyond all else and cherish our “normality.”

1. Sam Berns

Sam Berns is one of the few unfortunate children affected by progeria.

Those poor souls experience premature aging and the almost certain death sentence before reaching adulthood. The mysterious condition might make you think of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” and Sam’s life was indeed one worthy of a Hollywood film.

Sam Berns became famous primarily because of his parents, both pediatricians, who made a pledge to fight the illness. They founded the Progeria Research Foundation and used their son’s story for raising awareness.

Sam became a celeb once he had his documentary produced by HBO – “Life According to Sam.” The odd kid also appeared in a TED video called “My philosophy for a happy life.”

Unfortunate, Sam passed away in 2014. You will be shocked to know he was only 17 years old, yet looked like a little grandpa.

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