17 Weirdest Couples You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Who are we to judge what is normal and what is odd. Well, let’s just say we’ve seen a lot of weird stuff. “Odd” is a mild term to describe the 17 strange and unusual couples we collected on this list.

A woman dating a shorter man, or a man marrying someone ten years his senior – those are all children play compared to the unique stories you are about to read. Prepare to send all your taboos to the recycle bin and embrace the odd reality of our foul century.

Of course, you should always look at the bright side. This article can also appear as a celebration of love conquering all obstacles and bringing people together despite the obvious differences.

We do warn you! Don’t attempt what you’ve seen unless you are comfortable with people talking nasty things about you and laughing in your face.

1. Sultan Kösen and Merve Dibo

When the tallest man in the world gets married, you can bet we are talking about an odd couple.

Sultan Kösen holds the Guinness World record for the world’s tallest man, standing a phenomenal 251 cm above the ground, Sultan probably had a hard time finding a woman like him, and eventually settled with someone enjoying the air richer in oxygen found at lower levels in the atmosphere.

Merve was introduced to Sultan through a mutual friend and love quickly led to the walk down the aisle. Merve is just 1.75 m tall, and the two look indeed odd together.

At this point, it helps to add that despite his stature Sultan was a shy man who always ended up scaring the women in his life. Things became easier for him once Guinness offered him the title. We wish them the best!

2. Mangli and Sheru

Forget about parents telling you who to marry.

This poor 18-year-old from Eastern India listened to the village elders and married a stray dog. What’s the explanation behind this strange and unusual human-canine union?

The superstitious folks of rural India were convinced an evil spirit possessed young Mangli and that her first husband will get to suffer. Sheru’s role was to perform a cleansing and prepare her for a real marriage.

Just imagine being a tourist visiting the village while the ceremony was well underway. Your gut feeling would be to run away as quick as possible and don’t look back. Or would you stay, hoping that a Bollywood-like scenario is seconds away from unfolding?

Let’s recap the reasons that make such a marriage not a bad idea. Dogs never cheat and don’t spend the nights down at the local pub. On the other hand, all that they can provide for the family are bones and the occasional dead cat.

The next odd and ephemeral couple will drain a couple of tears from you. You must read their story.


3. Joelison and Evem

Love conquers all obstacles, and 1 meter in height difference is nothing.

For Joelison and Evem, each kiss is a challenged. The 2.30m Brazilian giant met the love of his life when he was 28 years old. It might sound strange for a man of his stature to be shy, but Joelison spent most of his young years avoiding social contacts as much as possible.

Evem started by being one of the many ordinary folks that admired Joelison. Soon enough, their friendship bloomed to love.

Take a look at those candid shots of the couple in the bedroom. If what they say about foot size is true, things should get pretty interesting when the lights are off. Unfortunately, the couple was not willing to share such details with their anxious fans.

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Next, you will see what happens when a woman can’t make up her mind regarding who she loves. We guarantee it is odd and uncomfortable.


4. Maria, Paul and … Peter

Ever wondered if three-wheeled relationships have a shot at survival on the long term?

Just take a look at Maria and the two men with who she shares her life. The setup is unusual because it did not sparkle the expected rivalry and drama.

The lover and the husband accept each other around the house and details what happens in the bedroom are kept private. Could this be the solution many desperate love triangles seek?

Although heartbreaking for the children at first, they did learn to accept their mother’s inability to choose between the two men. You could see they are one big happy family now.

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Is the traditional one woman one man couple destined to die?

It can get even odder. Check out the next weird couple!

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