7 common ways of losing weight, which are very harmful for the body

The appearance of extra pounds is possible for many reasons – hormonal disruptions, sedentary lifestyle, emotional stress, inferiority complex and protracted depression. So before you start losing weight, you need to understand the reason. It happens that there are several of them. Having dealt with the reason for visiting the doctor, go to the deliverance from the consequences. That is, directly to weight loss. If the problem with obesity is not too large (under 5 kg), you can do without specialist. Before you choose the method of “parting” with the “excess” pay attention to what should not be used.

What is this 8 harmful ways of losing weight?

1. Fasting



Despite the efficacy and low efficacy, it is still used. What are the risks of fasting? The depletion of our body. Enough of a “hungry” day, as there is a state of fatigue and lifelessness. The second day leads to problems with nails, hair and teeth. After a couple of days, you will return to a regular diet again to gain weight. And prolonged use of fasting can cause anorexia. Anorexia – a terrible disease in which one type of food begin retching. The stomach atrophies and is unable to fulfill the functions. All this leads to degeneration, often to death.


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