8 Pictures Of Celebrities Caught Without Makeup

3 – Madonna

Madonna is probably one of the greatest mysteries of our era. The woman is almost 57, and yet she sometimes looks like 30. Women from all over the world would give up everything to find out the secret of her youth. Her fans worship her and those jealous of her beauty and success make up any kinds of stories on how she stays so young. Some of those claim that she spends millions of dollars on plastic surgery, others say her secret is in dating younger men, some of the most creative rivals even tend to believe that she sold her soul in exchange for eternal youth and beauty. The truth is that Madonna is an ordinary woman, the only thing that makes her different from the millions of housewives is her crazy desire to be successful, she spends significant part of her life working out in the gym and at the dancing classes with her personal coaches. And the fact that she sometimes lets herself relax and look like a regular woman in her fifties only proves the theory that there is nothing extraordinary about her staying so young.

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