8 Pictures Of Celebrities Caught Without Makeup

7 – Kristen Stewart

Born in 1990 in Los Angeles in the family of a stage producer and script writer, Kristen hardly ever had a way other than becoming an actress. Her first big role, which brought her real luck, was in a school Christmas play, when she was 8. It was then that the actor scout who attended that play noticed her talent and offered her some small roles on television. And that is how her stunning career started. She is now famous mainly as Bella Swan from the Moonlight Saga, although she had had some significant roles before engaging in the vampire drama.
Kristen is now one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood and most desirable women on Earth, she is the face of Chanel and Balenciaga fashion brands, and still she sometimes lets herself stay an ordinary person, and getting caught without makeup does not seem a problem for her.

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