8 Things You Don’t Know About Stephen Hawking

2. He Was Married Twice, And Had Three Children

While the popular image of Stephen Hawking is “loner genius,” he actually — statistically — got more action than most people did in high school. He was married twice and even had three children, proof that theoretical discussions on the true nature of the cosmos is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Also, it seems that at least one of his kids has gotten in on the family business of being super-smart and writing about science to help people understand it … well, sort of. His daughter, Lucy Hawking, writes books with him, for young children interested in science! It’s basically Not Star Wars, where the child actually joined the parent to rule the Universe together.

Unfortunately, not everything was white-picket-fence-and-roses. See, while you might think being married to one of the most clever people on Earth is amazing, it’s actually, well … pretty hard.

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