This Is What The Shape of Your Butt Says About You & Your Health

Research has finally spoken. The size and shape of one’s butt can actually determine the health conditions of a person. While we all know that fat storage in the body can be unhealthy, it may not entirely be true at all. Fat storage in the hips and buttocks area are not as dangerous in other parts of the body, especially the heart.
According to the research done, the fatty acids that cause heart disease and diabetes, are deliberately kept away by the body from the liver, the heart and the arteries. It was also mentioned in the research that hormones play a big part in women as their hormones help in distributing the fats in the right places, the buttocks included.

Studies show that women with bigger buttocks have lower cholesterol levels and are able to produce more hormones that helps metabolize sugar in the body. Those with bigger butts have excess Omega-3 fats that help catalyze brain development. From the medical studies done, we give you the four most common butt shapes and what they say about your overall health:

1. Square Shaped Buttocks

Square shaped buttocks people are said to have weak glutes and have fat storage around the love handles. Daily core exercises should fix the problem with weak glutes.

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