World’s 10 Most Beautiful Beaches You Have Never Seen Before

Rabbit Beach. Italy

Rabbit Beach on the Italian island of Lampedusa is located between Sicily and Tunisia.
This beach, according to many experts is one of the beautiful beaches in Europe and one of the must-see places while you are travel Italy. However, it is not easy to get to.  Despite that, you can rent a car in Italy or get a taxi to drive to the beach, the last 10-20 minutes have to do on a winding mountain trail by foot.
The beach sand is white and fine. It is very shallow for over 150 meters from the shores of the sea. But it is great to rent a canoe, explore caves and admire a small tuna following the boat. This place is also excellent for diving. If you are lucky, you could see large sea turtles (Carretta-Carretta), sailing here in late August to lay their eggs. Note, that as long as the turtles are hatching, it is forbidden to visit the western part of the beach.
So if you are planning soon to travel to Italy – be sure to visit the island of Lampedusa with its wonderful Rabbit Beach.

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